We’re a Team of Air Preparation Specialists, Passionate and Dedicated to Delivering High-Quality Products.

We specialize in rugged, reliable, low-maintenance waveguide dehydrators. We especially welcome the opportunity to design and build custom units for unusual applications.

What Does TSI Stand For?

What we offer our customers is to help them optimize the performance of their machines.

What we provide our customers in order to make them happy about their decision to do business with us.

How we apply technology in creative ways to meet our customers’ manufacturing challenges.

TSI Solutions has been building rugged, no-maintenance waveguide dehydrators since 2004.

Our core business is providing components and solutions involving the cleaning, drying, regulating, and storage of compressed air. We have been in business since 1978.

Our extensive knowledge of compressed air applications sets us apart from other providers of waveguide dehydrators.

We’re A True Partner

We custom configure for ALL industries. Most competitors manufacture other components–mainly electrical–for the communications industry.

Proprietary Processes

Most manufacturers use desiccant dryers, which can get saturated with moisture or can pass desiccant dust downstream into the waveguide, we worked closely with our supplier to develop a high-efficiency membrane dryer.  Because we put a general-purpose filter and a 0.01-micron coalescing filter in front of it, the membrane dryer will last indefinitely, with zero maintenance.

Let’s Customize A Solution For You!